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About Us

The Dune Science Group applies state-of-the-art science and engineering to provide waterfront property owners, managers, and communities:

  • Consulting services to assure that coastal science is applied in attempted engineering solutions to the stresses on our beaches and dunes;
  • Coastal dune restoration that will protect upland property from storm damage while growing and maximizing the beauty and special habitat of the dunes; and
  • Identifying the best option for beach access, including design and procurement of dune walkovers, where required, that are environmentally, aesthetically, economically and structurally superior to traditional wood structures.

Our Services

Dune Restoration Services

Many (if not most) beach communities have lost the natural beauty and protection of the beach-dune system because of a variety of man-made systems (navigation channels, dams, and seaside cliff stabilizations) have interrupted the necessary flow of new sand to our beaches. However, expensive beach nourishment projects have restored sand delivery allowing potential recovery of our beaches and dunes.  We agree with the other experts that this all works best by managing the sand by closely mimicking nature as much as possible.  

This means on particularly on the east coast of the Americas that we emphasizing using the native dune vegetation to build the strongest and most natural, beautiful, and sustainable dune –beach system possible.  We try to only do what natural processes would on their own if given enough time and protection from human interference.  These systems provide little or no care and the initial cost is much lower than other protective systems.

Our Products

Dune Walkovers and Beach Boardwalks

Beach property owners and communities rely on human access to the beach.  Unfortunately, the vegetation that creates and holds the dunes together can be destroyed by beachgoers if access is not properly managed.  In most high volume accesses, this requires some sort of dune walkover.  The Dune Science Group has explored (a variety of non-wood options and applies this knowledge to develop walkover structures that compared to traditional pressure treated wood designs:

  Reduce the high lifetime cost when slashed maintenance costs are considered

Much longer lifetime (50 to 75 years vs 10 to15)

Elimination of safety hazards inherent in wood materials construction (splinters, loose and exposed rusty nails and bolts, and trip and slip hazards)

Eliminate the chemical preservatives required, eliminating the potential of hazardous material cleanup of dunes and eventual disposal as a hazardous waste

Our designs look more like real wood than some of the “green” wood product now grown and harvested at softwood tree farms.  It stays looking like new wood in spite of sun and salt spray in your selected gel coat color much longer than yellow pine and other tree-wood options.  Our designs are also available for other waterfront access like boardwalks, docks and marinas.

(Click here to view DSG research presented to the 2020 annual conference of the American  Shore and Beach Protective Association)

The Dune Science Group also strives to understand the needs of the users of beach access user and the morphology and natural processes constantly reworking the dunes and beach to develop the best overall designs.  In short, the DSG applies its expertise to help you develop the most protective and esthetically pleasing dune-beach system and help get you and your guests access to the beach as conveniently as possible.

The Combined DSG Experience

The Dune Science Group has the expertise and materials to help you develop the most protective and esthetically pleasing dune-beach system and help get you and your guests access to the beach as conveniently as possible.  We also recognize that some waterfront properties have suffered sufficient damage that pre-work will be required before DSG can directly contribute.  We are prepared to help you find and then work closely with the most innovative service and material providers to fill the total need.

To sum, the Dune Science Group is committed to help you get your dune, beach or other recreational waterfront from where you are today to where you would like it to be.