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Amelia Island dune restoration

Commercial Services for Homeowners, HOA’s and Resorts for Amelia Island dune restoration

The Dune Science Group offers Amelia Island beachfront property owners and managers complete sand dune restoration services to include:

  • Site assessment to understand and communicate unique attributes of your beachfront property
  • Customized dune restoration plan designed specific to the challenges and opportunities of your property
  • Secure any and all permitting required
  • Invasive plant species removal, disposal and control
  • Native vegetation planting and temporary sand fencing to immediately restore and expand the foredunes 
  • Native vegetation planting in the dune between the foredune and the building structure to secure dune restoration, improve habitat value and add low-maintenance aesthetic beauty 
  • Regular follow up to assure customer satisfaction 

We pride ourselves on our Amelia Island dune restorations employing methods mimicking Mother Nature which will have the longest term positive impact for the most cost-efficient investment.

These activities are best done seasonally, invasive removals and temporary sand fencing installation in the October to March time frame, and plantings in spring.

Sand dunes on Amelia Island

Sand dunes on Amelia Island

Conditions: DSG will obtain any and all Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) permits and assure compliance with state law.

Owner will provide a water tap connection at the ocean side of the home or property for initial plant watering and a subsequent watering to assure viability of plants installed. These initial two waterings will be conducted as part of the pricing. Any additional watering required because of exceptional drought will be conducted on a labor charge only basis. Once established, none of the plants should require irrigation.

Any vegetation losses one year after planting in excess of 10% of the total plant value will be replaced by Dune Science Group at no cost in the next planting period. (Seeding not included).

Work plans can be developed to meet any budget and any objective: foredune growth and strengthening, color palate preference, species support specific  to tortoise, butterflies and hummingbirds, and even property security.

Contact Frank Hopf at fhopf@dunesciencegroup.com before December 31, 2021 to request a free, zero obligation preliminary plan and estimate.

The native dune vegetation of Northeast Florida

We have prepared a catalog of some of the native plants that inhabit the coastal dunes of northeast Florida and coastal Georgia. Dune Science Group compiled these options to help customers and the public gain more appreciation for the native vegetation that can, and do, make our dunes so vibrant and strong.

Dune Science Group native vegatation installation for homeowner dune restoration

Dune Science Group native vegetation installation for homeowner dune restoration

Links to our suppliers and to other organizations committed to protecting our fragile barrier island

Our Suppliers:

Native plant supplier:  www.greenseasonnursery.com

*Dune walkover supplier: www.eco-pathways.com

Non profits striving to protect our fragile barrier island:

*Amelia Tree Conservancy:  www.ameliatreeconservancy.org

*Amelia Island Beach and Marine Life Conservancy (AIBMLC): www.aibmlc.com

Keep Nassau Beautiful: www.keepnassaubeautiful.org

Organizations promoting sustainable shorelines 

*American Shore and Beach Protective Association: www.asbpa.org

*Society for Thriving Coastlines: www.coastalnewstoday.com

*American Society of Civil Engineers:  www.asce.org

*Organizations in which Dune Science Group and/or Frank Hopf is a member/sponsor