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Dune Restoration for Homeowners and Beach Property Owners

Dune Science Group dune restoration for homeowners and waterfront property owners


Consultation and Assessment

Dune Science Group dune restoration for homeowners works with property owners to assess the risk of coastal flooding and beach erosion on their property. We will identify options to reduce those risks based on our extensive study in the field.

If your primary need is for a stronger coastal dunes system in front of your property, we will develop a scientifically-backed, nature-based plan informed by our years of experience. Often this will involve the temporary use of sand fencing and planting native dune vegetation to speed nature along in restoring protection for your property.

Dune Science Group native vegatation installation for homeowner dune restoration

Dune Science Group native vegatation installation for homeowner dune restoration

Dune Walkovers and beach access options

Among the most important requirements of a successful dune restoration for homeowners is providing a properly designed and permitted dune walkover to protect your dune while providing convenient access to the beach for you and guests. We will design, procure and oversee installation of dune walkovers that do not use pressure treated wood which can leak toxic chemicals into the dune and groundwater.

We develop premium structures that promise a long, free-of care life (50 years plus) and can be installed with minimal hazard to the environment. Our dune walkovers are manufactured from engineered materials that require minimal maintenance to keep them matching the look and quality of your exquisite property.

Lacking splinters and loose, broken, or weakened boards, they will additionally keep your liability low. We only develop dune walkovers that promise to keep increasing the value of your property over the next 50 years or more.

Rendering of engineered dune walkover

Rendering of engineered dune walkover

Dune Restoration and Dune Resiliency

A sand dune system providing substantial protection for the rest of your property occupies considerable square footage. However, a beach front property owner can never have too much dune, too much protection, too much resiliency in the face of coastal storms, storm surge, sea level rise and flooding.

We use nature to fight nature by incorporating only native plants evolved to thrive and anchor sand dunes with their deep root systems into our designs for property owners. Use of native dune vegetation is especially crucial to help nature restore dunes after storm damage.

Native plants also improve the natural habitat and visually beauty of your coastal sand dune.

Finally, we develop programs to identify and remove invasive plants from your dune system, replacing them with native plants which will thrive and add value to your property.


Benefits of dune restoration

Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be spent repairing storm damage, flooding and beach erosion – along with hours spent on the phone with insurance companies and the endless hassle of working with repair contractors. Those expenses and headaches can often be eliminated by the beachfront property owner who thinks ahead and prepares for the inevitable.

If you’re looking to cost effectively reduce the storm related flood risk inherit with your coastal property or to provide safer and easier access to the beach which will improve your property value and the aesthetics of your dune, contact the Dune Science Group to explore the possibilities.

Dune Science Group native vegatation installation for homeowner dune restoration

Dune Science Group native vegatation installation for homeowner dune restoration

Dune restoration for home owners and beach property owners includes:

  1. Consultation, Assessment, Design, Development, Installation and Maintenance of dune restoration and beach access projects which:
        • Improve sand dune resiliency against beach erosion, storm surge and sea level rise
        • Increase dune volume and height to provide increased storm damage protection of property behind the dune
        • Develop dunes to provide habitat for endangered shore birds, sea turtles, pollinators and other endangered, threatened and endearing species.
        • Improve ease of beach access
  1. Review of potential property purchases on the shoreline to better assess the risk of future flood damage
  2. Design and develop systems to reduce the risk from storm surge on individual beach properties, leaning first and foremost on natural and nature based options.
  3. Help promote community involvement and potentially help organize groups of beachfront and other affected property owners to fund, help execute, and/or maintain dune development projects.
  4. Repair and /or replacement of beach and dock access facilities
  5. Obtain all required Federal, state and local permits to do any of the above
  6. Provide expert witness testimony and other legal support in the event actions of others are reducing the value and viability of coastal dunes.
  7. After successful completion of dune restoration which reduces your storm surge risk significantly, prepare and promote redrawing of the FEMA Flood Insurance Rating Maps.
  8. Assistance in preparing grant applications for dune enhancements and beach access projects.
  9. Monitoring of dune and beach restoration projects using the latest and most cost effective technologies to gather data.