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Beach walkover and healthy dune Love the Dunes Discover how we use science to help nature build & protect the dunes.

Dune Science Group Mission

Our mission is assisting homeowners and communities to apply coastal science to optimize the resiliency, aesthetic beauty and wildlife habitat of coastal sand dunes and beach systems through nature-based dune restoration. We specialize in coastal dune restoration in Amelia Island, northeast Florida and coastal Georgia including design of beach accesses that minimize damage to dune environments, are aesthetically pleasing, economical over their life, easy to maintain and user-friendly.

Our Dune Restoration Products and Services

The Dune Science Group provides coastal communities and residents in Amelia Island, Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia with expert dune restoration analysis & dune restoration design to improve the resilience of their open waterfront beach and sand dunes while recognizing the importance of providing safe and convenient beach access for owners and guests.
We'll guide your project from the design phase through installation and follow up to assure your highest level of satisfaction with our sand dune restoration services.

Dune Science Group coastal dune restoration projects emphasize:

  • Individualized site inspection to understand your property
  • Individualized design plan tailored to your property and challenges
  • Science and nature-based approaches
  • Removal of invasive plant species that threaten sand dune stability
  • Selection of native plants suited to your location
  • Goal of providing storm surge protection to FEMA standards
  • Improving dune habitat for threatened and endangered species
  • Preserving aesthetic beauty of sand dunes
  • Improved resiliency for beach nourishment projects
  • Ongoing monitoring of your project to assure satisfaction

In developing beach access plans and facilities, we emphasize desire to

  • Maximize sand dune value as upland protector and habitat
  • Provide user convenient access
  • Lowest total lifetime cost
  • Most aesthetically pleasing designs

Sand dune restoration services include

  • Obtain all necessary permits and easements
  • Assist in grant application
  • Provide input and coordinate with related projects like beach nourishment efforts
  • Support community education and involvement
  • Procure and manage all required materials and services
  • Provide long term sand dune restoration monitoring

How can we protect sand dunes?