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Our Mission

The Mission of the Dune Science Group is to assist communities and individuals is to  optimize the protection, resiliency, wildlife habitat and beauty of the coastal dunes by developing nature-based processes to grow and protect them;

To supply premium beach access structures that minimize environmental impacts, are durable, lowest lifetime cost , attractive, easy to maintain and user-friendly.

Our Products and Services

The Dune Science Group LLC provides coastal communities and residents with expert analysis & design to build better coastal dunes and the most convenient services and lowest lifetime coat of dune walkover and dock structure.

To build the dunes we emphasize

  • Natural and nature-based approaches
  • Goal of providing storm surge protection to FEMA standards
  • Improving habitat for threatened and endangered species
  • Beauty of the dunes as a special place
  • Improved resiliency for beach nourishment projects

Our all fiberglass walkovers and docks provide

  • The most environmentally friendly option
  • Longest life
  • Lowest total time cost
  • Most aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Emphasizing being most user friendly configurations

To make it all work we

  • Obtain all permits and easements required
  • Assist in grant application
  • Provide input and coordinate with related projects like beach nourishment effort
  • Support community education and involvement
  • Procure and oversee all required materials and services
  • Provide long term monitoring and maintenance

Ready to save the dunes?