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Waterfront Resort, Condo and HOA Managers and Presidents

If you are responsible for a beach or waterfront facility that speaks luxury and beauty and you have the responsibility to keep and improve on those traits, you need to know about the Dune Science Group.  For those properties on water, we can help you improve the beauty of the dunes, provide user friendly beach accesses that reflect the luxury standards of the  rest of the property, all while quietly reducing the risk of flood damage from coastal storms for the entire resort.


 Dune Walkovers

If the draw of your resort is the beach, the first impression will be the access to the beach.  The Dune Science Group will help design and manage installation of dune walkover access that Is totally free of high maintenance pressure treated woods.  The beauty and luxury feel of these walkovers, ramps and stairs reflect the elegance of your resort.  As one responsible for cost, you appreciate that our designs and materials last three to five times longer than traditional wooden versions and require little to no maintenance to keep up their as-built luxury look and feel.  They will not splinter, crack, have screws pop up or create other trip hazards for your members or guests.  To satisfy your corporate or group environmental stewardship goals, they will not require placing toxic preservatives in the dunes or near the water. The walkover configuration will provide the maximum convenience for your guests while providing maximum protection for the dune during construction and long after.


Dune vegetation restoration and growth

Luxury resort guests and condo owners tend to have a great appreciation for the beauty and unique habitat the natural coastal dune provides.  The DSG promotes the development of the full range of plants that inhabit the natural dunes in your locale to attempt to recreate the beauty and improve the dune as habitat for the shore birds, sea turtles, butterflies, hummingbirds, and gopher tortoises and friends that the guest and members enjoy sharing their luxury.  We also plant vegetation to rebuild and grow the strongest possible frontal dunes to reduce the risk of storm flooding of the property.


The Bottom Line 

If you manage a luxury property on the beach or water, there is a good chance that the Dune Science Group can very cost effectively even further increase both the elegance of the property and improve its resiliency.